Permission-Based Senior Email List


Our permission-based senior email list offers marketers the ability to create a customized, digital direct marketing campaign to enable you to have a two-way conversation with today’s active seniors.

If you think seniors are not technology savvy, consider the research. Studies show that seniors, baby boomers, and mature adults make up a rapidly growing segment of computer, Internet, smartphone and tablet users – not to mention the fact that more than 50% of seniors online today are active on social media sites. Some segments of the senior population even consider themselves to be heavy Internet users. If you are not incorporating a popular and easily accessible marketing channel like email into your marketing mix, you may be missing out on interacting with and persuading email savvy seniors to try your brand. Just take a look at AARP. It is active on digital media and has had great response to digital content on YouTube. Some seniors even report that they spend more time online than they do watching television each week.

The time is now to leverage senior email lists and make a direct one on one impact on their purchase decisions.

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100% Permission-Based Senior Emails

Senior Source List maintains a comprehensive list of more than 35 million confirmed opt-in senior email subscribers that are enhanced with the full details of our Senior Source List senior database demographics. This gives our clients the ability to access and segment seniors by various demographics, psychographics, and lifestyle-attributes, for an effective digital email marketing campaign. We will help you target the most responsive senior prospects and execute highly targeted campaigns to help build brand awareness or create online traffic.


Our permission-based senior emails are guaranteed to be delivered into your prospects’ inboxes, not their junk mail folders. We are proud to say that we offer 100% email delivery. This is an important part of our process and is achieved successfully as a result of our permission-based email compilation and deployment technology. Since the senior citizens on our email list are confirmed opt-in, we are able to deploy your messages in a white-listed environment, which provides us with a top rating and A+ reputation/approved status.


We believe compliance is extremely important, so we don’t just sell you email addresses and send you on your way. At Senior Source List, we adhere to all regulations outlined in the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 when providing our clients with digital solutions.