When faced with the task of marketing Medicare to the senior citizens, there are countless things to consider. It all starts with creating prospects in the market. If you’ve been brushing up on your marketing 101 lately, you’ll recognize that the top priority is to generate large amounts of leads throughout the entire duration of your marketing attempts. In fact, this generation of leads is so important, that marketers often focus the majority of their efforts in this specific area. So, what exactly are they (the marketers) doing now to focus those efforts?

In the past, Medicare supplement leads were generated and optimized by direct mail. Individuals were mailed information about Medicare supplements and if they were interested, they would contact the agent asking for more information.

Considering the changes and advances in technology, its reliability and ability to potentially connect to more people in a shorter amount of time, it is no wonder that attention has shifted from the utilization of direct mail to internet-based Medicare supplement leads. Marketers and Medicare supplement insurance agents need to understand that the primary method of marketing to seniors has, in fact, changed to embrace technology and the internet.

Generation of Leads for Medicare Supplement Insurance Programs: An Improved Approach

When marketing these Medicare supplement insurance programs, the generation of leads is more achievable today, than in previous eras. Years ago, an agent of salesmen, regardless of their industry, would be giving a list of potential prospects that was extremely vague and poorly put together. They would work that list until they contacted every person on that list. The problem with this approach is that the conversion rate from talking to someone and making a sale was extremely low. By using quality Medicare marketing prospects, Medicare supplement insurance agents are exponentially increasing the chances of making a sale.

This is why it is much more efficient to focus available resources on predetermined, predesignated Medicare marketing prospects lists that are provided by companies with expertise in pooling people, their associated interests, and creating lists that can be utilized quickly and easily. This allows for marketing efforts to roll out quicker and show immediate results since the individuals included in the lead lists are part of the targeted demographic and have shown direct interest in the topic of the marketing campaign (in this case the Medicare supplements).

Maximizing Response Rate with Professional Medicare Marketing Prospect Lists

The individuals listed can be contacted and communicated with directly and in a secure, efficient, professional manner. The traditional method took too long to arrive and even longer to get back to the agent, if it ever made it back at all. If the recipient is not interested in Medicare supplement insurance, then it was a wasted effort in terms of time and money.

When a professional Medicare marketing prospect lists are used, the response rate, and opt- in rates, can be maximized. This increases the number of policies written or modified, thus increasing the over rate of sales. By reaching out to individuals who have a confirmed interested in what you are offering, you can dramatically increase the likelihood of having an effective experience with said client.

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