Whether you're offering insurance, hearing aid products or health-related services, there are a certain things you should be aware of before marketing to older people. Here are a few things seniors wish that you knew.

Just make it simple.

Explain exactly how your product or service will make life a breeze for them. This is what seniors are looking for when it comes to making a buying decision.

Remember, most older people grew up with landline phones and record players, not an Android or an iPad. If your marketing requires someone to fill out an online form or to download an app - make the process as easy possible.

Also, make your checkout process easy as well. Otherwise, you may lose their interest. You must make things effortless from the very beginning.

Older People Often Do Not Feel Their Age

Many older people feel much younger than their actual age - 10 to 20 years younger, studies have revealed. As a rule, when marketing to seniors, use images of people who are at least a decade younger - this applies to both offline and online marketing.

Show images of seniors having fun and being active without going overboard, of course. Avoid showing someone doing something that’s physically impossible for the average person his/her age - like doing a round of backflips. Instead, you can show an older, vibrant person jogging or doing yoga in the park. There should always be a happy medium when marketing to older audiences.

Be Engaging and to the Point

If you want to capture the attention of seniors, use content that’s engaging and to the point. Talk to them as if they are a close friend - whether it’s in the form of web copy or print copy. And, don’t forget to provide solutions to a pressing problem. This automatically sets up their expectation for the product/service they will receive once they make a purchase.

Don't Bypass Them to Speak to Their Adult Children

A lot of older people prefer to make their own buying decisions. So, make sure your content speaks directly to them. Older people are more likely to make a purchase when they feel important and valued. When you bypass them to speak to their children, you’re violating their freedom. Many older people are independent and would prefer to do things on their own without always involving their children.

Make Their Experience Personalized

One pet-peeve of many seniors is the cold automated customer service that some companies provide these days. Seniors want to hear a live, friendly, and knowledgeable voice at the end of a phone call. Also, make sure to ask for their permission before addressing them by their first name.

The tips above are just a handful of things to remember when reaching out to elderly people in the marketplace. When you focus on making a senior feel valued and well-appreciated, they are more likely to do business with you in the long-run.

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