A research study published in 2017 on Researchgate.Net reveals that the estimated number of older people in the United States will rise from 841 million to more than 2,000 million by the year 2050. In addition, by 2047, the number of older people in the United States will be more than the number of children for the first time in history.

Growing age brings limitations in mobility and more minor physical interactions. Moreover, studies show that their health depends on their social and emotional relationships to a greater extent for old age people. Technology plays a vital role in helping seniors build social connections.

Why are senior citizens important to the media?

"According to Madden, from 2000 to 2009, there was a 70% increase in Internet use by people aged 50–64 years, and a 38% increase by those over 65 years; and there was an increase of 88% in the use of social media by people aged 50–64 years, and a 26% increase by those over 65 years."

Thus, in general, social media can benefit marketers when they include senior citizens in their marketing strategies as it tends to add an extra layer of marketing component in your advertising pockets.

How does Senior Source List help?

Senior Source List recognized the vitality of the aging citizen population in the economic growth and thus concentrated on bringing you an exponential mailing list that can connect you directly to this broad strata.

This blog will find out about top social media strategies when marketing to the senior living community. With these tips in your advertising pockets, you can proactively affect aged inhabitants by securing the objectives that matter most to your local area.

1. Senior Targeting through social media is important

Large volumes of marketers are directing their marketing principles to take advantage of the opportunity and influence other family members. But you can include senior citizens as an added layer of marketing potential when looking at generating outcomes from old campaigns.

It would help if you kept in mind not to concentrate your attention or move away from your watch to any particular age group. Including all age groups equally will enhance and support your focus as a whole.

While the reliance on mobile technology increases, modes of interaction and connection with a larger population horizon are still high and growing every year. Marketers need to emphasize marketing directly to the senior consumers by using social media platforms. It would help if you started creating information that is optimized for mobile responsiveness.

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2. Technology and seniors

Pew research states seniors today are more affluent and educated in terms of social media interactions. The digital use between young Americans and seniors is crunching. Smartphone ownership amongst seniors has doubled in the United States in the past five years. Roughly four in ten seniors are smartphone users.

Top Social Media Strategies When Marketing To Senior Community

Image- Pew Research

As is proper, internet adoption amongst the senior population has risen steadily. With 67% of seniors being internet users as compared to only 14% in the year 2000.

Social media is increasingly becoming popular amongst seniors to find information and share news. Here are the five topmost social media platforms senior community in the United States uses:

  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Linkedin
  • Twitter

Top Social Media Strategies When Marketing To Senior Community

Image credit- Statista

Age group Facebook Youtube Pinterest Instagram LinkedIn Twitter
50-64 years 65% 68% 26% 21% 24% 19%
65+ years 41% 40% 16% 10% 9% 8%

Table credit- Senior Tech club

3. Content Matters Most

Interestingly, content personalization bespokes a consumer journey much better than any other strategy. Thus, social media allows the creation of a tailored user experience for seniors. Once you can implement this persona into your marketing strategy, your older audience tends to associate with you.

4. Put dynamic resources into play

When the above data is clear to let you know that the senior community is available on the following social media platforms; thus your marketing endeavours should be built to target your older community, including all the popular media mediums. Be as creative as you can.

For starters, you can start including images to offer information and videos explaining the importance of the senior community.

Youtube is the second most popular social media platform that older citizens use.

Put out Youtube videos describing how seniors can benefit from your program. What will your business have in store for them?

This helps ensure the strength of the older community’s trust in your services. But once again, you can achieve this when you have a list of people interested in receiving your offers.

Senior Source List facilitates a one-in-all solution catering to every entrepreneur's need. We eliminate all the barriers in your old marketing journey.

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5. Promote your experience

Uploading Youtube videos generally allow older consumers to gain an insight into what they should be expecting from your business. Include videos interacting with seniors and incorporate a lot of testimonials by consumers themselves. Do not see senior citizens’ age as a barrier. Senior citizens are becoming exclusively aware of the utilization of social media platforms. Here is what you need to understand:

Ofcom reports that:

“Online video streaming is also popular among ‘silver surfers’. Fifteen percent of those aged 50-59 watch a movie or a video on YouTube at least once a day, and 33 percent of those aged 60-69 watch videos on YouTube a few times a week – the same proportion as for the 30-49 year olds.”


The senior citizen community is becoming actively tech-savvy in the present age. Leaving this group can prove to be a massive loss for the marketers. To maximize your business growth, marketing leaders need to emphasize including the above-mentioned social media strategies when marketing to the senior living community.

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