Telemarketing list business is commonly held in two views: either as a foundational cornerstone for any business or a total waste of money. It all depends on the perspective and the strategies made by the company to succeed in their efforts.

Being currently the most significant contributing member in the telemarketing database, we will not persuade you to invest in telemarketing list business but state the facts both from our experience with and without telemarketing.

Case Study

A disaster recovery business in Pennsylvania ran a highly successful demand generation program and integrated a mix of online and offline campaigns. The campaign aimed to generate a consistent flow of leads to the company’s sales force.

The company rigorously tracked and reassured its ROI from its marketing efforts in the past. The service understood that increasing the demand meant either driving more leads into the sales funnel or increasing the lead conversion rate.

As part of the aggressive growth plan, the telemarketing lead team of the company set out to focus its marketing energy on increasing the rate at which raw inquiries converted into sales leads.

In 2014, the service hired a B2B demand generation agency to audit its lead nurturing programs. The hired service recommended improvements with two main objectives:

  • Increase the rate of new information and existing prospects.

  • Improve deliverability and email performance.

The demand generation agency presented a series of recommendations primarily focussing on strategy, email cadence, segmentation, and creativity.

In response to the audit, the disaster service company subsequently hired a telemarketing list service to:

  • Revamp existing emails and build better landing pages based on e-marketing best practices.

  • Design and build a welcome email program to improve follow-up and respond to new leads.

  • Nurture the campaign targeted to attract “mid-stage” leads, which means consumers who provide details willingly but back out from purchasing for several reasons.

After six months, the company reported the following:

  • Email open rates improved by 260%, while click rates doubled.

  • Lead to MQL conversion rate across all product lines experiencing 33% improvement.

  • Leads from online programs increased by 75%.

The strategies were implemented in all their nurturing programs, and as per the views of the Director of Marketing Programs of the company, the results were "nothing short of amazing." 

So, what do we learn from this case study? We're breaking down everything as part of our five tips for a successful telemarketing list campaign:

Five Tips For Successful Telemarketing List Campaign:

There are Benefits of Outsourcing Telemarketing Lists as Part of Your Intended Demand Generation Program:

A demand generation campaign is usually composed around activities to help create awareness, acceptance, and desire for a product or service. In standard lead generation, the process is done to cement the relationship between consumer and brand by working on consumer interest, the information they want, and turning them into potential buyers. Telemarketing number leads, in particular, reach out to people personally with an actual live operator. And customers love talking to humans on the phone instead of robots.

Analyze Performance and Don’t Be Afraid to Get Audits Frequently:

As business owners, ensure that your marketing efforts bear results. Get audits done more frequently as it allows managers and teams to estimate the ratio of acceptable outbounds and closed deals successfully. Once again, modern-day phone number leads make it easy to create detailed reports for campaigns.

Choose Dialing Strategy in Advance:

For the most part, telemarketers use one of the mentioned below dialing strategies:

  • Auto-Dialing:. Marketers use a piece of automated telephone technology that details re-programmed lead phone numbers.

  • Preview Dialing:. This strategy uses an automated telephone technology called a” predictive dialer.” This technology details a list of leads with phone numbers and only connects registered agents with the company to answer calls.

  • Predictive Dialing:. In this strategy, an automated system calls the phone numbers until it detects a connection, then transfers them to a live agent.

  • Power Dialing:. It is a powerful automated cell phone number leads dialing method that efficiently connects potential clients with agents.

These dialing strategies may seem daunting initially, but when you have an excellent telemarketing list, the results are enlightening.

Prepare To Make Changes in the Existing Strategy:

Sales teams and telemarketers can collaborate to achieve optimized marketing goals like improving scripts because it's all about how you approach a customer's query that helps them decide whether they will associate with you or not.

Stay Open Minded: 

No business strategy is perfect until you make it. The same can be said about telemarketing leads. So, when a professional telemarketing phone number list analyst informs you about flaws in your business strategy, be open to revisiting, revising, and revamping your methods. You may ask for better insights based on data and figures, if you are curious.

To summarize, we believe we have been able to offer you a great kick start if you had been wondering why your telemarketing campaigns never worked the way you wanted. In general, there are always good examples and businesses to learn from if you are willing.

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