The offset of digital printing technology has revolutionized correspondence channels bringing a permanent change in the way customers and brands connect in today’s market. This impact can be felt strongly when new printing technology techniques are significantly contributing to successful product sales. 

This is perhaps why even startups like Lob are drawn towards raising $50 for their direct mail platforms. The US-based startup promises to deliver physical mails quickly and affordably. CEO Leore Avidar told Techcrunch that in the digital age, many markets are rediscovering direct mail as a whole strategy. Right now, social is expensive.  

However, the investment in print technology in direct mails can be considered a healthy Return on Investment tool if you can craft well-directed messages that influence your target audience, achieved mainly by social media platforms. 

But what can you do when your target audience is a section that prefers connection via offline medium more than online medium?

Yes! That is a bit daunting. But don’t worry. Let us look at some influencing marketing strategy plans to engage your senior subscribers. 


You would agree that “Gaining incomplete knowledge is more dangerous than having no knowledge” at all. When individuals look for complete printing service providers, and people can’t locate them, the same can be said. Result? Individuals unsubscribe immediately. 


To avoid doing that, whenever you send a direct mail to your senior subscribers, you should talk about full-service printing solutions. 


For example, Senior Source List also offers Printing solutions for our clients such as Postcards, brochures, flyers, letters, envelopes, business card printing, booklet, catalog, posters, and many more. 



Incorporating product features briefly is one of the keys to informing your prospective clients using minimum words. Product feature descriptions enhance customer experience and make your message appear professional. Clean and clear product features categorized in sections can also set your brand apart from the competitors. 


For example, the Senior Source List’s Sample Postcard Pricing allows our clients to choose their mailer type from the various sizes we make available for them, such as Standard, Full, and self-mailers & flyers. 


In addition, whenever we talk about our postcard services, we mention dimension details, printing, postage pricing, etc. This enables readers to get an estimate for their budget if they choose to opt-in for our services. 



The direct mail should include an option for requesting samples whenever a new product is launched. This is part of experiential marketing. It creates an immersive customer engagement process by giving the customers a feel of the product’s performance. And if they love the quality, they are most likely to avail of your product service. 



We are sure you must have had a good laugh when businesses hide some critical details under Terms and Conditions by putting an *asterisk sign at the bottom of the message. The size of the asterisk font makes it so difficult to notice it.

But don’t do that with your direct mails. One of the biggest mistakes you could commit is mentioning your business contact details in hard-to-visible font size. To avoid such errors, use a decent size font to cite your contact details so that seniors can notice that and contact you. 


Why Opt for the Senior Source List For Influencing marketing strategy ?

Senior Source List gives you the best way to channel our gigantic data set of upgraded client profiles to pinpoint your optimal clients, and convey an important message by telephone, post-office-based mail, email, or face to face. Start your free preliminary trial today!

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