Have you ever experienced the feeling of making sales to your seniors at the gathering events and not a single customer buys from you? 


Well! If you are amongst the businesses at such a spot. Then this blog is for you. 


What you need to know is where you lack in your marketing strategy. 


Today! A big part of making sales involves Attracting customers emotionally and Being Able to Speak with your Products rather than shouting at the top of your lungs at events.


You would agree that customers today have unlimited options to buy services from. And especially in terms of Brick-and-Mortar stores, it is hard to attract a large volume of customers when you cannot physically travel to other parts of the town or city. 


It generally comes to the fact that a customer Will come and Find you. But how long are you willing to play this hide and seek game with your customers? 


Consider this. 


Out of thousands of individuals walking out of their homes to buy a product, what’s the guarantee that at least 50 will find you. 


Not guaranteed, right! And how can you grow your ROI with 50 sales a day, and that said when we are just talking an aggregate. This number may decrease or increase likewise. 


And when your business is all about providing services to seniors, you cannot take any chance or leave it on luck to get senior traffic to your business. Can you? 


So, What Do You Need? An A-listed strategy that works. Don’t worry! We are not going to stretch the matter long. 


But First Thing’s First. Get your hands on the latest and accurate senior emailing lists


Where to buy a Senior Emailing List? 

Senior Source List is considered among the prestigious leaders in facilitating top-notch high-quality senior emailing lists. Our approach is to produce responsive mailing lists based on US senior citizen data and affluent demographics customizable for every marketing campaign. 


Next step is to:  


Try to involve customized printed merchandise in your strategy to impress seniors. Why? For obvious reasons that they are loved and tangible products that remind your customers of your existence. 


Let us see some other reasons how customized printed merchandise succeeds in impressing seniors: 

How does Merchandise help impress senior customers and others alike? 


There is no better way to spread the word and build your presence about your products or services than a unique promotional product. It could be anything from a customized printed diary to banners. 


It’s not like your customers don’t have a book or a pen at home. But gifting is one of the means to elevate a sense of connection and build emotions with an individual. And more importantly, we also love to bring back tokens of souvenirs to etch in our memories the places we visited. 


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Customer Purchasing Pattern is Changing drastically


In traditional methods, negotiating or arriving at an agreed price was the key, probably because individuals did not want to spend much money on products and such a large number of services weren’t available, and also because life was never this fast. 


But contemporary buyers have no shortage of options to buy a product and thus look forward to investing their earnings because life is pacing rapidly. There are tons of opportunities to avail which have led to downfall in the prices. 


In such a scenario, Industry leaders are centering their promotional strategies towards this changed purchasing pattern and forcing marketers to accommodate and invent new plans. 


Recent studies show that custom merchandises, promotional products like mugs, exclusive gifts, marketing giveaways, pens, and t-shirts help create outstanding bonds between customers and a brand. 

Seniors love shopping as much as youngsters 


Marketers cannot ignore the proportion of elderly people growing. Senior customers are also savvy shoppers. They know a lot about the products you are selling. The availability of shopping platforms on websites, Instagram has lent much more convenience for everybody. 


Look at the top platforms already making shopping easier for seniors 

  • Costco
  • Wayfair 
  • Best Buy 
  • Lowe’s 
  • Target 
  • Home Depot 
  • Etsy
  • Amazon
  • Walmart 
  • eBay


How can it help you? 

Collaborate with these websites, put up your customized printed merchandise on these sites and enjoy more senior customers. 

Seniors Love Personalization Too 


Who would understand the meaning of family and love more than seniors who raise children from day one? After spending dedicated years of their life building a stable family, seniors somehow forget to take care of themselves. 


Offering customizable printing products is an excellent way to express their value for your brand. Your printed products can involve exciting quotes and pictures of how proud your brand is to associate with them. This will leave a memorable impression in their mind. 

Humorous right! 


That is the key! Make your seniors laugh. 


Blog Takeaway 

Now that you know how to impress your seniors with customized printing merchandise, we hope you will include these strategies in your marketing tool. Printed merch not only leave an impression in customer’s mind to remember you but also ensures that they wilfully choose you over other brands. 


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