The Baby Boomer generation, who are in their mid-60s or more, is developing rapidly and making up an increasing portion of the population.

The senior segment has a ton of purchasing power and wouldn't fret about spending their cash. They need satisfactory items at reasonable costs making them highly desirable clients for some organisations. Thus, it would help to advertise to senior citizens about your business.

Why Should You Advertise To Senior Citizens?

Apart from theoretically, let us help numbers to do the talking!

  • Even though their population is rising slower, seniors are predicted to outnumber children in the United States by 2035.

What it means to businesses - This means companies will have to concentrate on captivating a more significant percentage of baby boomers who are coming into their retirement phase.

  • AARP says there are 41 million senior citizens in the US, depicting 26% of the U.S. community, influencing 70% of disposable earnings.

What it means to businesses - Organisations should know that on account of expanded life span (82% live independently at home), senior citizens will use more money on items and services to keep them healthy - hence businesses should experiment and create healthcare marketing strategies for seniors.

  • Seniors are the most active market section on social media platforms, with over 70% having accounts on Facebook and using Linkedin and Twitter; in addition, they're participating in video chats and sharing content on their cell phones.

What it means to businesses - Businesses can reach out to this demographic through social media platforms and create a campaign to promote their products and services to senior citizens and improve their gains.

  • Studies show that seniors are twice as inclined to operate the Internet regularly than any other age group.

What it means to businesses - Don’t ignore their problems about health as this will help you as a business promote your products and services better and effectively.

How Can We Help You?

Senior Source List provides direct mail and telemarketing lists for some of the largest brands that target seniors, mature adults, and the over-50 consumer market. We also deliver customers with distribution channel solutions to help you attain practical, direct marketing programs.

So, what are you waiting for!

Contact us to make your advertising to senior citizens effective and fruitful.

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