Facing everyday life after retirement can be invigorating and engaging for a few seniors, however lonely and segregating for others.

Today, senior citizens are making use of technology and innovation to remain connected with the world through social media platforms. Utilizing innovation and online media to stay associated and satisfied, however, they need significantly more than that.

In this post, we'll stop for a minute and talk about the top traits seniors value in an email as much as possible from life past retirement.

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Why is Composing Good Emails Using Email Lists Important?

No matter what business you are in, you will always need to find the proper recipients to progress. You have bought quality emailing lists; you have composed business emails, sent those out in bulks and, still not getting any responses.

This can be an obstacle to your business’s growth. And when your business is targeted towards seniors, you need to understand a few things before composing your business emails. Let us look at the top traits seniors value in an email.


Top Traits Seniors Values in an Email


HEALTH INFORMATION: Weakened limbs, lost strength, short memory, life after retirement is not enclosed within these walls. However, it is good to stay informed as growing age brings expected health issues and common conditions along with age. 

That’s why they must receive consistent, high-quality healthcare from attentive staff. If you are in the healthcare industry, make sure to include health information for your target seniors. You can compose well-designed email messages using an authentic list of seniors who are looking for health services.

Do you know? 93% of adult patients want email communications with their physicians- Etactics


MEANINGFUL MESSAGES: Conveying meaningful messages is one of the etiquettes in composing emails. In addition, improvised conversational emails help you create focused messages. You need to keep track of the following: 

  • Purpose: Any composed email message should have a meaning behind it. For example, you are launching a scheme for seniors, organizing an event, and so forth.
  • Directness: You probably don’t need to open your business emails with salutations like “Dear Ms. Campbell,” instead, engage using a conversational approach because you know your seniors.
  • Keep it simple to respond: Seniors will often part ways from your subscription list if your messages include complex information before hitting the “reply” button. That’s human nature.


Here is what you can do?

Segment Your Messages Into Purposeful Emails: If you send all your senior customers the same email over and over, nobody is going to waste their time and bother clicking the link next time. Instead, segregate your message and keep it highlighted. Use the keywords to draw attention.

It’s crucial to send meaningful messages to invigorate the stream of confidence that your email can convey to senior citizens. More importantly, it helps maintain relationships with potential customers for the long run.

FEELING OF COMMUNITY: Humans are social animals, and we love to socialize. And when we are not socializing, we need to believe we are a part of a community that values us. Emails are known to embrace and pass this feeling. Generally, this can be done using meaningful and value-based tones to address your seniors.

For example, Hey, we miss you. Do you miss us? Then this is an excellent opportunity to reconnect. Join us this Saturday, and let us celebrate togetherness.

Such words used while composing an email to address the elderly builds a feeling of community and gives a sense of association. At Senior Source, we call it connection on an emotional level with seniors.


REGULAR COMMUNICATION: Effective communication is an integral part of any business to keep loyal seniors in your email lists so that they do not opt-out. It increases your chances of etching a memory in your customer’s minds. But more important is to maintain regular communication. Sending an email in weeks will not serve the purpose.


RESPECT: Seniors appreciate being addressed with respect. You can implement the same in your strategy while composing a business email. This can be indicated using even small gestures, such as engaging and polite conversations, sending birthday wishes, anniversary wishes, etc.


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