Traveling and Seniors are two combinations often considered odd peas in the same pods. But if you are a prolific business in the tourism industry, you cannot neglect this age group for various reasons. One of them being: Senior citizen travelers are the new globetrotters.


In earlier days, time became a constraint restricting travel before retirement. However, with ample time to loosen up and explore places, senior travelers are growing in number. Travel agencies see the senior adults as potential customers and reach out to them.


Why is tracking senior tourism important for you?

With enough expenditures and saved money, seniors are splurging on holidays. And if you are a tourism business, you can attract these potential explorers through affordable senior citizen email lists and make them your prestigious customers.

You continually need to address and recognize the needs of these older adults who are eager to leave behind the quiet life after retirement and see the world.


What do industry experts say?

According to industry players, the number of seniors going on vacations has grown up by 15% over the years. They continuously wait for emails and telemarketing calls that contain exciting offers.

Holiday planners have begun designing senior citizen tour packages to cater to the unique needs of senior adventure-lovers and offer customized meals, on-trip medical assistance, and senior-friendly hotels.

Hence, you need to be up on your feet and start targeting these consumers as soon as possible.


Why To Target the Senior Tourism Market?



Past reports indicate that Baby Boomers travel an average of 4-5 times per year. Today, marketers are witnessing surprising senior tourism statistics.

A Frost & Sullivan and Amadeus report reveal that there will be 7.3 million outbound, senior travelers by 2030.

Another platform Skift says numerous tour operators are observing an incredible increase in the bookings from old-age travelers.


For example:

Quasar Expeditions are receiving inquiries for June onward, with 70% of guests being over 65. So if your ideal customers are these adventure-loving seniors, perhaps you would like to target this often underlooked strata.

Keeping this segment on your radar will offer incredible value to your business and boost your business.

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The senior citizen travelers market will show a significant impact on the travel industry. The number of international travelers over the age of 60 is projected to reach 2 billion trips- says the World Tourism Organization.

The figure is reflective of the rising senior's citizen tourism market will be responsible for contributing to the expenditure in the future towards travel.

This is already proving to be a case in countries like the UK, where adults over 50 are spending close to $3 billion annually.

The enhancement of senior-friendly tourism can be well noticed with senior citizen travel packages offering enriching experiences.



When age is just a number for seniors young-at-heart, growing old doesn’t hold them back. Packing along a great zest to live life, older adults are shattering traditional assumptions by seeking an adventurous life against sitting at home after retirement.

The seniors today wish to immerse themselves into diverse cultures and tick off their bucket lists.


How Can Email Lists Benefit You?

Being a traveling business, you can incorporate the elements of discovery and heritage your packages will be covered in the senior citizen travel insurance plan. Hire a professional list provider to give you an authentic list of such adventurous seniors.

A professional senior citizen list will get you the desired figure of individuals who intend to travel in the upcoming time and hold the potential to invest in availing your travel business services.

An excellent way to reach such customers will be to send them attractive offers and vouchers through emails. Inform them what benefits your packages hold for them and why they should select your services. You can even send customized printed merchandise to attract senior citizen explorers to your business.



A recent report by Forbes reveals plans by the Federal government to spend half its budget on older adults aged above 65 in the next ten years, focusing on healthcare and retirement benefits. This was an important decision by the US government to increase the care cost spent on aging individuals.


To be exact in numbers, a report by the Congressional Budget Office, the share is bound to grow to $3 trillion by 2029.

Assuming the decision to be implemented soon, marketers can expect the boost it will give to the investment power of seniors by 2030.

While seniors will be tempted to spend the amount traveling, marketers can also benefit from such decisions.


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